Delicious Thai Tasting Menu at Time for Lime Beach Bar on Koh Lanta

Time for Lime Beach Bar provides a creative way to taste many Thai dishes

Just cause Time for Lime is best known as a cooking school, an amazing cooking school at that, there is no reason why dinner wouldn’t be just as amazing.  And, of course it is as the Time for Lime Beach Bar and Restaurant are doing something different and it works so well!IMG_2141

For dinner you can have a wonderful set of Thai dishes and it’s the best authentic Thai food on Koh Lanta, for sure.  Each day the Time for Lime Beach Bar and Restaurant offers a 6 dish tasting menu set (yes, a different one each day).  I love the Wednesday and the Friday sets, but that is always changing as last month I was totally sold on being there every Monday night!  For some of the dishes, you select fish, chicken or vegetarian, and this choice provided me with a same same but different (famous Thai expression) Monday night all through low season.  It’s a lot of fun to taste 6 delicious dishes and then try to figure out which you liked best.

Time for Lime is at the bottom end of Klong Dao Beach offering an amazing view of the beach resorts spanning up the beach.  At night this view of lights reaching up the beach is magical.  You can enjoy the view along with the sound of the waves splashing on the shore as you savour the delectable fare and cocktails.  Do try a Lemongrass Margarita anIMG_2143d if you like spicy, the Red Pepper ones are sure to satisfy your desire for fire.  And of course there is their famous Mojito, both as a mock or a regular cocktail.

In low season you can also select one of the 6 dishes for that day as a main course, meaning that you only get that chosen dish, but in a larger size.  How good is that!  Really good, I tell you.  The flavours are all natural, authentic and can be tailored to any spiciness level.

Many of the tasting sets begin with spring rolls that are a perfect mix of crunch and tasty.  Fortunately these spring rolls are also available as a snack, which makes them a perfect accompaniment to a sunset cocktail.  There is also another snack type dish on the tasking menu which might be a craIMG_2157b cake,  shrimp wrapped in basil leaves, or something skewered on a stick….  There is always a curry dish and another dish called a salad.  In Thailand, salad means a mix of things, so be careful when ordering a salad as you may have a hot dish with no lettuce delivered.  The salads, or stir fries, are so delicious.  I’m still debating if I like the seafood mix or the chicken with the basil leaves and cashew nuts (main picture) as my personal favourite.  Many days the tasting menu includes a Thai soup that is savoury, flavourful, and often served cold.  And of course, there is an exceptional dessert to end the perfect meal set.

I’m not sure if it’s the wonderful food, or the excellent ambiance, that I find so comfortable at Time for Lime.  Maybe it’s both.  The bar staff, waiters and cooking school staff are always beyond friendly.  They are totally attentive to your needs, always there when you need another beverage or to clear away your dishes.

IMG_2152Dining alone is not a problem at Time for Lime Beach Bar and Restaurant as the staff will make sure you are totally comfortable, and then stop to chit-chat with you throughout your stay.  There is free wifi so bring your tablet and enjoy surfing as you listen to the waves washing up on the sand as you enjoy your meal.

The Time for Lime Cooking School is right behind the bar/restaurant area.  The open concept is perfect as it provides a great view into the school, letting the energy and excitement of the class filter through the whole venue.  IMG_2389Noy, the Cooking School Lead Teacher, as such charm and charisma that he so easily shares with everyone he speaks to.  Everyone  can’t help but love him.  We can all see that he’s such an amazing teacher.  I’m sure many a dinner guest has asked to sign up for his next class.

And best of all, the profits from the Time for Lime Beach Bar and Restaurant (and Cooking School as well) go to Lanta Animal Welfare, the local animal rescue.  This charity is making such a positive different on Koh Lanta by helping to control and protect the local animal population.  How good is that, to have a beverage or a glass of wine while enjoying terrific Thai cuisine, knowing that you’re also saving the lives of sick and injured cats and dogs.

It’s all good at Time for Lime…


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