Great Links

Surfing is a terrific way to stay connected, get informed and be positive – there is so much out there to explore!

I surf a lot, a great way to wake up with my coffee.  There are a bunch of links that I really like and access a lot.  They range from news and entertainment to shopping, travel and of course,  to maintaining a positive lifestyle.

I highly recommend the following links for staying connected, getting informed and being positive:

  • CNN – to keep up with what’s going on in the world in news, sports, entertainment and great videos and documentaries
  • Lanta Animal Welfare – an example of a way to stay involved.  Check out the Humane Society (or the like) in your city
  • Sixty & Me – for great articles and video on a range of topics
  • Huffington Post – for different site for news and opinions
  • Amazon – for books (I have a Kindle) including many best seller lists and reader comments on the books
  • GoodReads – for discovering new authors, new books and comments on books
  • People – to stay in touch with Pop Culture
  • Radar OnLine – to stay in touch with the trashy side of Pop Culture
  • Victoria’s Secret – why not have pretty things, or think about having pretty things, under your clothes

I will be updating this list as I discover new sites that become my staples.

I welcome suggestions, recommendations and comments.

It’s all good!

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