Is a plastic surgery nip/tuck right for you? Listen to your body!

Has Plastic Surgery become the norm?

It seems everyone is getting a nip or a tuck these days, making plastic surgery a normal thing for us over 60 gals.  But is it really normal?  I was all set to have my first nip and my body told me ‘loud and clear’ what it thought.

I’ve inherited my mothers eyes.  She always told me that I had her eyes and should do something about it.  She had sagging eye lids and puffy bags under her eyes.  Yup, I’m now 63 and have my mothers eyes.  But no problem.  I live in Thailand and close by is Phuket, the plastic surgery ‘capital’ of the planet.  If you want a sex change, it’s the place to go.  Kaitlin Jenner visited there a few years ago and umpteen others have entered the Kingdom of Thailand a Mr. and left a Ms.

The day before the procedure I drove to Phuket and meet some friends on the beach.  We had a nice late afternoon getting caught up, and I had an early light dinner.  I was feeling good that night and had no problem falling asleep.  The next morning, I showered and was ready for my 10 am pickup.  The only downside so far was that I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink.  A small sacrifice to say the least.  I reminded my friend  to bring me a ‘double double’ when she picked me up after the procedure.  That’s ‘Canadian’ for a coffee with double milk and sweetener, eh!

Off I went for my nip and tuck.  The limo that picked me up even had it’s own wifi – I felt great.  We arrived at the hospital in good time and they escorted me to the Plastic Surgery outpatient facility.  Everyone was super nice and so good looking.  Even the katoy that took my blood pressure was a beauty in her ‘nurse outfit’.  Katoy being Thai for a ‘lady-man’.

Then it all went downhill

My blood pressure was high, 180 over it doesn’t matter high.  They gave me 10  minutes and took it again.   Still high, but coming down a bit.  Another 10 minutes, and it was steady, but not coming down.

I was worried.  They were buzzing around me, whispering in Thai and starring at me.  I had felt great, but not any more.  I was worried, and getting more worried the more they told me to relax.  After an hour of no change, they gently suggested I visit their cardio-ward.  If this is to reassure me I was fine, it didn’t work!

For 6 hours the nurses and doctors in the Cardio Ward kept taking my blood pressure and of course it stayed high.  They were freaking me out with all their hustle and bustle efficiency.   By now it was close to sunset and things were not good with my blood pressure.  My doctor was very nice.  He convenience me to admit myself to the Cardio Unit for observation, and I agreed.  I felt I had no choice, and I was very worried.  I’d never had heart problems before in my life.  I’ve been a cardio-junkie for year and was usually told my blood pressure was ultra low!  This was a whole new territory for me.  No eye surgery for me!

Miracle of miracles, once I was settled in my room, my blood pressure dropped considerably!  It stayed normal through the night.  They did an EKG, and ultra-sound of my heart, and took a x-ray of my chest.  I was good to go, so off I went to the beach!

What happened?

I’d say my body was telling me that plastic surgery was not for me!  And surprisingly, I’m good with it all.  I now have my own blood pressure monitor and I use it every few days.  I’m more aware of my body and it’s silent messages. I hadn’t eaten nor drank anything.  Of course my blood pressure was high, and it wasn’t going down!

I  look in the mirror, and while I don’t exactly like what I see, I’m comfortable with it. If people don’t like the way I look, they can look somewhere else.

The message in my story is to listen to your body, not your mind telling you that you’ll look younger and feel better.  And especially do not listen to the zillions of  media outlets flogging ‘how to age gracefully’ and feel great.  Listen to your heart; you’ll know if it’s right for you.

It’s all good!

4 thoughts on “Is a plastic surgery nip/tuck right for you? Listen to your body!

  1. beautiful like you are .. perfect as you were made .. leave the knife to those who are afraid that somehow they are ‘less’ because they aren’t pulled, tucked, and made into an image of someone else …

    1. I think eyelids that are sagging make me look angry or harsh. I want to get surgery this year. But i am a tad apprehensive since not all surgery turns out as nice as one hopes.
      I THINK its not fun getting up in the mirror and seeing an angry face because of sagging eyelids.
      You might not be there yet, so your comment to leave the knife idea, is not necessarily a good one if when you get up in the morning, and don t like your own reflection. People do not usually have this surgery to please others, but to please themselves .

      1. You are absolutely right – if we see something we don’t like and we have the ability to make a positive change – go for it! I did! It will be in an upcoming article. It’s all good!

  2. As long as people don’t make the changes for someone else, but just for themselves, then they will probably be happy with the results. But liking your reflection isn’t what is going to truly make you happy, that comes from within. I saw you on a Sixty and Me video and your whole being projects that you are a happy person, and it made me want to meet you! (And I am also a cat lady – 3 at present.) Since I won’t be able to move to Thailand for at least 3 years, that won’t happen, but thank you for putting your positive energy out there for the rest of us to enjoy!

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