Delicious Food and Wine at Le Colibri on Koh Lanta

IMG_2346Le Colibri is a Special Gem on Koh Lanta

Based on the events of the day in Paris it was totally appropriate for me to dine at Le Colibri, a small French Bistro here on Koh Lanta.  Le Colibri, or the delicate humming-bird, is run by a darling French couple who have created a cozy and relaxing atmosphere in their small 6 table restaurant.  Or I should say 5 table, 1 sala, as the seating is perfect with tables for couples, three- and foursomes, large families and groups of friends / family who can recline in the sala enjoying the delicious repas at Le Colibri.IMG_2345

Last night wasn’t my first time at Le Colibri, ‘mais c’est le premiere fois’ I consciously focused on taking pictures for doing an article.  Previously I had been so preoccupied with the ambiance and my dining company that I’d forgotten to keep my article in mind.  The horrors on the news that prompted me to visit Le Calibre that night, also demanded that I be in control, and focus on celebrating this gem of a find.

The Le Colibri menuIMG_2354 is simple but with lots of choice.  They specialise in 3 main items:  lasagna, pizza and salads.  While they are basic selections, Colibri uniquely offers each in a variety of ways, from savoury, herbal, vegetarian to with meat.  They also offer a small selection of main courses to satisfy all types and levels of hunger.  I’ve heard from a local food connoisseur that the Spaghetti Bolognese is the best on Koh Lanta, so I do assume that all the selections are worthy as well.

Both my dining companion and I opted for the Goat’s Cheese Salad.  I’d had it before and just couldn’t bring myself to try something else as it’s so amazing.  And I do need to mention the wine.  It is wonderful.  My dining friend chose the red and was poured a generous portion.  While I do drink red, I’m a confirmed white wino.  And shamefully I drink my white over ice, lots of ice.  I guess I think that this will keep me hydrated and some what sober on this remote island in southern Thailand, where it’s hot and steamy offering a lifestyle that is a bit decadent, or maybe self-indulgent is a better term to describe the local expat life on Koh Lanta.

My salad totally met my expectations by being as delicious as ever.  The three pieces of french bread dripping with goat’s milk cheese and honey was a symphony of decadent in my mouth.  The bread was perfectly toasted and the cheese was a gooey, warm, sweet mix that made me close my eyes and inhale deeply as it entered my mouth.  The salad was a perfect mix of lettuce, grape tomatoes, onion, black and green olive in a delicate balsamic dressing.  Yes, I do love this salad.

FullSizeRenderWhat can I say, the food is finely and delicately crafted with precision and extreme care.  The modern double pizza oven behind the bar perfectly illustrates the quality and craftsmanship that go into very dish.  All items are beyond fresh as they are made to order, so the bit of wait is worth it.  Have another glass of wine as you chill from your day in paradise, anticipating your great dinner.

A final glass of wine rounded off my night at Le Colibri.  It was time to pay the bill and head home to get caught up on the news from Paris.  Hopefully our questions will find answers in the coming days.

I highly recommend Le Colibri  for delicious food and great wine.

Go with friends, or go alone, it’s all good!

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