Have you checked out the Happy Cat YouTube Channel?

Happy Cat now has a YouTube Channel

I have created a Happy Cat YouTube Channel with videos of life on Koh Lanta.  To go there click The Happy Cat YouTube Channel.

The majority of the videos are used in the articles on this Website, however some are just fun and stand alone by themselves.  In the future I may include them in an article if it aligns well with the article’s theme and subject matter.

It is time for me to develop this YouTube Channel so that I can easily incorporate more visual media into my articles.  Us humans are odd creatures, we need stimulation.  The written word has become boring and often tiresome.  We need visuals to be engaged and this engagement must be enjoyable.  Mixing humour and visuals provides me with the opportunity to entertain while I inform.

I so very much my audience to enjoy their time here at The Happy Cat.  I hope that I can make a difference in someone’s day – give them something to think about, and/or get them through a rough patch.  Through my articles I want to encourage people to see the ‘cup half full’, that there is always something good in everything.  It all depends on how you look at life.  A positive outlook encourages us to find happiness.  And happiness is a frame of mind which we can all achieve, no matter how challenging life becomes.

All the videos on the Happy Cat YouTube Channel were taken by me on my iPhone.  Of course there will be exceptions and I will always give credit to the video source if it isn’t mine.

Over the next while I will also be compiling slideshows from pictures I have taken, incorporating text, special effects and anything else I can add in to make the shows more fun, entertaining and informative.

I am always open to suggestions, comments and new methods/ways for promoting well-being and happiness to my audience.  Please comment below or go to my Facebook Page and send me a message.  I’d love to hear from you….

It’s all good!


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