Terrific Running on Phuket’s Bang Tao Beach

The roar of the waves and the beauty of the beach made it a great run on Bang Tao Beach

IMG_4019I went for a run on the the Bang Tao Beach Road, on Phuket.  I was staying with a friend in her condo in the Layan area.  It’a about a kilometre from the beach so I couldn’t resist a short run between the rain storms.  It’s rainy season now in southern Thailand, when the sun pokes out I want to take advantage of the respite from the wind and wet.

I aways try to get in some exercise when I’m traveling, even if it’s only 30-45 minutes.  Running gives me energy, makes me feel great, and allows me some time by myself, which is precious when you’re traveling with others.

I regularly work out at least 5 days a week, and traveling is not an excuse to stop.  It’s actually a bonus, because when away from home, every running opportunity provides a way to explore somewhere new.  Runners love to check out new places to find something different or unique.  ThIMG_4018is really makes the trip special.

Bang Tao Beach was basically abandoned.  There was no one on the beach during my run, other than a handful of people at one spot jumping in the waves on the shore.  The beach is so long, maybe 5 km, if not longer.  It’s clean, with off-white sand, just what we imaging a topical beach to be like.   As always in rainy season, the water was so rough.  The loudness of the crashing waves made it seem like the beach was busy.  It was, but not with people.

I ran along the road, going onto the sand before I was about to head back.  The few trucks and cars I passed all greeted me with a honk.  And the bikers, as in motorbikes, all said Hello (in English), responding to my ‘Sawadee Ka’, Hello in Thai.  All of us being polite; respecting the other’s mother tongue.

Click this to check out the video I made of the beauty of Bang Tao Beach.

BangTaoBeachRoadI wished I had more time to explore the beach, but lunch plans had been made and I had to get back to the condo.  There were also dark clouds gathering overhead, warning of another storm on the way.

Time to leave the beach, but I was taking away a lot of new energy and a good appetite for some delicious Phuket Thai food.  It isn’t the duration of the run that counts, especially when you’re traveling.  It’s more about the experience and how you feel.  I felt great.

I’m so glad I went for my short run.  The pictures I took and the short video I made are great compliments to the terrific memories I have of running on Bang Tao Beach.

It’s all good!

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