How was your 2019?

The Happy Cat  – November 2019 Newsletter

And how was your 2019?

Has it been a good year for you, or will you be glad to see it end?  For me it’s been a mixed bag.  While there was both positive and negative situations, I’m not yet sure how it will end up.The best part of the year was spending 6 months in Ottawa, Canada, doing a gig with IBM.  This old broad still has a high-functioning brain, and stamina to handle a rigorous technology development project.

Like many of you, I have to watch my finances.  The main reason I live most of the year in Thailand is because it’s so much cheaper than Canada.  I have no work pension and have to be careful with my spending.  This project helped me get out of debt and put a little bit in the bank.  I can breathe a sigh of relief, but I’m well aware that this is temporary, I will always have to watch my spending.  Do any of you live in a similar situation

On my writing side, most of the topics I focused on this year dealt with building up our resiliency so we can better handle what life puts in our path.  I looked at age bias, strengthening the brain, being calm, cool and collected, and even why it’s important to try new things.  In every article I offer easy ways to improve your life.

I also developed the Best Cat and Dog Toys ever!  Click to check them out.

On the not so great part of this year, I lost 2 wonderful friends to cancer, and another dear friend is now in treatment for this horrid disease.  My personal resilience definitely grew this year, to help me handle getting through all of this.

On the health side, Bang (aka Bangkok) and I had our annual medical check ups last month.  We were given excellent news – we are both in the best health ever!  Bang is 15 and I’m 66!

My impression of 2019 is a mix of good and bad.  How about you?  Has it been a mixed year full of ups and downs?  Whatever the results, we do need to be thankful for the good, and deal with the bad, no matter how difficult it can become.

A year ago I wrote this great article that remains as my ‘go-to’ for improving my day.  Oh ya, I do take my own advice.   If you need a boost today, click here to check it out.



   Why is Happy Cat excited for 2020?

My overly ambitious plans for 3 new initiatives:

Giving Back – Fundraising in Retirement

I’ve decided to put together an easy to follow guide on fundraising.  For the past 6 years I’ve been involved in the fundraising for an animal rescue charity on Koh Lanta.  Through my research and experience, I have a wealth of knowledge to share so others can find success with fundraising.  This guide should be available by mid-2020.

I currently do provide fundraising coaching and strategic planning, as well as non-profit writing support and marketing services.  Are you retired and want to get involved with a local charity, or maybe you’ve decided to leave the work force and make a difference?  Or maybe you need help fundraising…

Contact me – I can help you
Simply reply to this email

Retiring Abroad – 3 Part Series

People are always asking me about how I figured out my move to Thailand.  It’s been hard to answer, as it really just happened.  I now see that it involved 3 stages, and this aligns with the 3 big questions I’m often asked:

  1. Is retiring abroad right for me?
  2. How do I pick the place? and
  3. How do I make the move?

I’m working on answers to these questions, considering a series of Webinars, courses, and possibly speaking engagements.  Not sure which I’ll start on first.  What you do think?

Are you considering retiring abroad?  Do you know how to figure it out?  I provide consulting and coaching for retirement:

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Living the Best Lives We Can

My articles will continue both on my Website, and in the various other sites and publications.  I’ll continue to look for more opportunities to help others, and have been asked to be involved in speaking engagements in 2020.   It’s all good…

Are you living the best life you can?  Are you hopeful and optimistic about each new day?  If you’re having a rough time, maybe I can help you.  I provide consulting and coaching for aging and retirement.

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Bring on 2020, I’m ready…


Lanta Animal Welfare Canada

Lanta Animal Welfare Canada was launched a few months ago, to support Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand.  I’m very proud to be on the team of passionate animal lovers.  They, and me too, want to make our planet a better place for the desperate and suffering animals that need help.  This is definitely time well spent!

The mission of Lanta Animal Welfare is to relieve the pain and suffering of rescue animals, and control the population through sterilization.  LAW Canadaprovides banking services in Canada for donations, adoptions and supplies purchasing for Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand.  This means that funds donated to LAW Canada can pay for supplies, and equipment for the rescue hospital in Thailand.  And bought from Canadian firms, without incurring hefty bank transfer and conversion fees.  More for the animals is always a bonus.

Check out the LAW Canada Facebook page and follow/share.  It’s all about the animals, and they need our help.

You can make a positive difference in the life of a desperate animal.  Click here to chose how you will help.

Dawn Houlton (left), an amazing woman, a tireless ‘hands-on’ supporter, and a passionate animal lover, passed away this summer from cancer.  The photo shows her walking rescue dogs, with Junie Kovacs, the LAW Founder, on Long Beach, Koh Lanta.



‘Ask Me Anything’

Whatever it is, ask me.  If it’s in your face, on your mind, or keeping you up at night – Ask Me!

I’ll help you figure it out.  I won’t tell you what to do, but I will help you analyze your situation and see it clearly.  Then you’ll better understand your options, make better decisions, and be able to forward.

How to ask, you ask?

Use any or all the following to contact me:

  • Reply to this e-mail
  • Send me an email using or
  • Go to my Facebook page and message me:
  • Ask me in person by simply coming to Koh Lanta, turn off the main road to Relax Bay Beach.  You see’ll the Happy Cat Villa Omm just after you turn down this road.  Come on in, I’m home if the gate is open….. 

Let’s all enter 2020 with positive optimism!  

I am planning to end this year with positive thoughts, and be happily anticipating 2020.  Even though I will say good riddance to 2019.

Let me know how you feel about 2019.  Are you glad it’s almost over?  Or maybe it was a good year for you.  Do you have any tips on how to get thru the crap and come out smiling?

Of course we can all come out smiling!  We just have to smile.  Go ahead, smile.  You’ll feel so much better.

I wish you all the very best for a
Happy and Healthy Holiday Season



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