Retired Way Out There – Coming Summer 2022

The manuscript for ‘Retired Way Out There: My evolving life on Koh Lanta, Thailand’ is now in the review process, with a Summer 2022 publication launch target.

My book, which I had a blast crafting, covers my 20 years on Koh Lanta, a small island in southern Thailand. I first came to the island two decades ago as a tourist and fell hopelessly in love with it. I continued to visit the island and after 10 years decided it was where I wanted to retire. My book tells the story of my years as a tourist, and then about how I found a home and transitioned from a tourist to a local expat.

‘Retired Way Out There’ has many of my adventures, along with the crazy challenges I’ve faced in Thailand. I also include a discussion about retiring abroad and suggest ways you can figure out if this is right for you.

People who are interested in Thailand, retiring abroad and those that love a fun read, will enjoy Retired Way Out There.

It’s all good!

More info coming soon….

2 thoughts on “Retired Way Out There – Coming Summer 2022

  1. Hi. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand many years ago 1975 to 1977; never went back tho. I teach English to refugees and others in the US. I’m also a writer and one of the books I’ve worked on on and off is set in 1882 Siam so I’d like to get back in touch with my Thai roots.

    1. Hi Margaret – You should try to find some time to visit Thailand as the country is very different now from what it was like in the late ’70s. The big cities are ultra-modern with a mix of very old and brand new. You will find areas in the countryside that are untouched by modernization, however everyone is on their cell phones, using online services with LINE is the communications app of choice.

      Good luck with your books – Thanks Perley-Ann

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