Retired Way Out There Now Available on Amazon and Audible

Retired Way Out There: My evolving life on Koh Lanta, Thailand is the story of my transition from tourist to retired local, way out there on an amazing island in southern Thailand.

Do you ever think about retiring abroad, on a small tropical island?  I did, and now I want to share my adventure with you. 

Read about my many trips to the island, and my decision to retire there and get a home. You can marvel at all my adventures, perils and discoveries, as I transition from a tourist to a local expat. The book is interesting, fun, and full of the crazy situations I’ve got myself into, and out of.

Included in the book is a chapter with helpful advice for those of you thinking about retiring abroad.

My story will inspire you to explore your possibilities.

Check out the book on Amazon where you will find the Kindle, paperback, and hardcover versions, and the audiobook , that is also available on Audible. It ebook is also available on Kindle Unlimited.

It’s all good!

4 thoughts on “Retired Way Out There Now Available on Amazon and Audible

  1. Very Cool, I wish I had the no fear attitude of you. I am 65 and retired this year and am very unhappy in my current living arrangements .

    1. Hi Mark – Sad to hear you are unhappy with your current living arrangements. Try your best to find happiness in something each day and that may help you find a solution to your situation. Thanks – Perley-Ann

    1. Hi – Thanks so much for your comment. I love sharing my stories, not just to light the world, but to encourage others to try something different and/or follow their dreams. Thanks – Perley-Ann

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