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The Happy Cat Web-site Blog is my way to encourage everyone to look at the positive side of things and find the good in everyday life.  Make the right choices by being true to yourself and don’t worry so much about the future.  It will get here, that’s for certain.  If there is something you need to do today to make your life better, do it today.  Don’t ignore things, don’t put them off until tomorrow, don’t wait until it’s too late to handle things.  Take care of what needs to be done so you can live in the present, as this is all we really know for certain – that we are here now, today, this moment – don’t waste it!

As we get older many begin to set limits, to use some kind of social standard to help make decisions.  We have all heard someone say:

  • I’m over 50, I should have short hair
  • I’m over 60, I need to stop colouring my hair
  • I’m too told to wear that
  • I’m retired now, I don’t need to keep up with the news
  • I’m too old now to learn anything new
  • I’m too old to try something different
  • Oh no, I couldn’t travel alone, I’m too old
  • My my, older people shouldn’t do that
  • I’m too old to:  be out late at night, go to the party, or to celebrate by Birthday
  • Oh no, I shouldn’t dance, ask someone younger
  • No problem I’ll clean up dinner so you all can: get to the movie on time, relax in the living room, or enjoy the TV show that has just started
  • It’s okay if you get in front of me (in a line), I not busy, I can wait
  • Do you have a bathing suit/dress that is ‘more mature’ (as in not a bikini or not fitted – as in a tent to hide the body!)

Every one of these ‘lines’ is totally ridiculous.  It isn’t age that should determine what we do and don’t do.  It is our abilities that should dictate here, not our birthdate!

Why are we putting ourselves into such a negative and dim light?  We need to enjoy our lives, let others clean up, wear what we want, go where we want, as long as we are able to.  Don’t let society dictate what is right or wrong, how in the world does society know what I am able to do?

How about dating?  Older women shouldn’t think about having a boyfriend, should not go on a date unless it’s just for coffee during the day, and the date should be at least the same age or older for women, and younger for men (but not too young!).  And why is this?  Is there an age when new personal relationships are not allowed?  When we can no longer enjoy ourselves?  Of course not!

I’m a 61 year old active woman.  I now live on a tropical island and totally love my life.  Sure it’s not ‘normal’ but why should I want normal.  All my life I dreamed of being able to live exactly has I am now.  My amazing home is Bohemian Modern:  laid back, with all the perks (as in electricity, lots of space, tropical garden, security, wifi, etc.)   I do yoga almost everyday and have a cardio/run workout every second day.  The cardio is to keep the body toned and the yoga is to manage my mind – together my ‘workouts’ help me stay in control, be strong, be happy and most importantly, be positive!

I wear scant clothing, like a tank and shorts, on hot days, which is almost every day.  Sure I wear a bikini in the water and I don’t care if I look fat!   I have longer hair that is up or down depending on the weather ‘frizz factor’.   I go out for dinner a lot and dancing or to a party a few times a week.  I have lots of friends and meet new people all the time.  For sure I have loads of fun.  But that is because I’m open, positive and happy!

On the ‘dating front’, I’m been divorced a bunch of times but the past 22 years (and still counting) I’ve been with the love of my life.  Sure he’s younger, but he’s wiser, more self confident and more balanced that most men 10 years his senior. He lets me be me!  Seriously, this is what we need.  Why should someone come into our lives and change us?  Very strange!  Why were they attracted to us to begin with, if all they want to do it change us?  Run from these people:  grab a cab, take a plane, hop on a bus – do whatever you can to get away from them!

I have always approached life from the view that my cup is at least half full.  I see opportunities and possibilities in everything.  Sure there are challenges, but that just makes life interesting.  If things were easy, we wouldn’t appreciate them.

I’m doing this blog to demonstrate through my stories that life can be exciting, that each day can hold new challenges, possibilities and rewards, as long as we are open to new experiences.

My stories cover all aspects of life from travel, friends and health, to hobbies, volunteering, dating and trends.  All my stories are true.  They are based on my experiences, observations and assessments.  I am very fortunate to have had such a rich and rewarding life with so many interesting experiences.  I’m very excited to share them with all of you.

I especially love to travel.  I want to find new cultures, new peoples and new ways of looking at the world.  I never think that my way is better, or this new way is silly.  I see it all as different ways of doing the same thing.  We all eat, sleep, need shelter, have families, love, get sick, have friends – well you know what I mean.  My culture does it one-way, other cultures do it differently.  

Such a rich, interesting and exciting world to discover!

I’m a Happy Cat, consciously making the best out of every day.

I hope you will enjoy my life stories and use the ‘comments’ to let me know how you feel about them.

It’s all good – The Happy Cat


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