Red Snapper Restaurant for Consistently Excellent Dishes

Red Snapper for a Special Dinner in a Beautiful Garden Setting

The Red Snapper Restaurant has been on Koh Lanta for eons, almost as long as I’ve been there, and that’s 13 years.  It started a year or so after I arrived and honestly, the food has always been excellent.  Bravo to Joyce and her staff for maintaining such a high standard of excellence all these years.

Red Snapper is in a leveled garden setting with most of the tables on  raised platforms.  It sounds odd but the layout of the platforms provides privacy and a rather romantic dinning atmosphere, which is perfect for an outdoor venue on Koh Lanta.  If you have difficulty walking down the large stone steps to the garden dining area, you can drive (or walk) down a small road at the side of the restaurant and enter on the same level as most of the tables.  At the centre of the garden is the reception along with a small bar with a few stools.  If you’re dining alone you can choose to sit at the bar to chat with the staff and others sitting at the bar, or take a table.  You may also be invited to dine with another person, or with a group, by joining their table, which is a great way to meet people when you’re traveling alone.

The Red Snapper Menu Has Something for Everyone!

The Red Snapper menu caters to all appetites and all types of diets.  All the dishes are creative, eclectic, interesting and so tasty.  There is a huge selection of small dishes, perfect for sharing with friends, for a lighter meal or for making your meal interesting.    The large or main course dishes are all fantastic.  I say this, not because I’ve had them all, but because I was with a large group of people and everyone ordered something different.  There are meat dishes, fish dishes, and a lot of vegetarian and vegan choices as well.  There are cheese dishes, smoked salmon roles and a variety of salads.  And of course amazing desserts!  Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision as it all is so good.

The Food!

IMG_1867I had the salmon main course and I savoured each bite.  The salmon was cooked perfectly and sat in a mustard type sauce that was amazing.  There were black olives scattered in the mustard sauce and a puree of ‘delicious’ snuggled beside my salmon.

One friend had the pork tenderloin. She dug in and didn’t come up for air until the her plate was clean.

Another friend ordered the steak and he kept raving about how good it was
between bites.

IMG_1868And another friend ordered a few small dishes of her favourite ‘tried a trues’!  As we say in Canada, ‘she’s curled before’, meaning she’s been there, done that and knows stuff, eh!

Other friends (there were a bunch of us) ordered a whole slew of small dishes and each was wonderful, tasty and interesting to look at.  And yes, I did dip my fork a few times around the table.


The house wine, both red and white were very good, and there was a good selection of bottles to choose from as well.  We indulged in a really good Prosecco  that night.  Multiple bottles I might add!

It really is a lot of fun to be with good friends, good food and good wine in such a beautiful setting.  We all enjoyed ourselves, drank a lot of wine and ate until we were stuffed, and of course we took a ton of pictures.

We did a table survey and I think it’s safe to say we represented a good potion of the United Nations.  I was representing Canada, and my friends honourably represented Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Germany and Thailand.  We solved the problems of the world, and some of our own while we were at it.

Based the food and wine consumption, most of the pictures were hilarious and quickly deleted.  But isn’t that what good times, good food and good friends are all about?

Dine Alone or With Friends, it’s all good at Red Snapper

I highly recommend dining at the Red Snapper on Koh Lanta if you want great good, a super atmosphere and an interesting time.  You can dine alone and sit up near the bar, or with friends at a table in the garden.  Wifi is available for the asking, so those of you are dining alone can catch up and surf to your heart’s content.  Whatever your circumstances, dining at the Red Snapper is always a good choice.

It’s all good.


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