My Featured Story on Boomer Cafe in July 2016

My Crazy Cats are in a Feature Story on Boomer Cafe

I found this cool ‘boomer’ site called Boomer Cafe.  I checked it out and really liked what I saw, so I send them a short story about something fun that had happened to me that morning.  The most difficult part was keeping my cat’s paws out of the paint and to get them top trying to drink from the paint water container.  As usual they wanted to be involved in what I was doing.  For an instant I thought about paining them, but that’s just wrong!

IMG_3708Here’s a link to my featured Story on Boomer Cafe about how I disturbed the tranquility one Sunday morning.

Life on Koh Lanta is full of fun and interesting situations, and I want to share them.  Life is challenging for all of us but we need to stop sometimes and appreciate the little, tiny, seeming insignificant things that happen to us.  We can then appreciate them and realize that no matter how small, short or even inconsequential our experiences may seem, they can be rich with meaning and help us explore and refine our lives.

I even took a tinsy video right after Phai surprised me that I’ve put on my YouTube Channel.  Here’s a link to Phai surprising me 

It’s all good!

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