My Happy Cat Drawing Has Been My Signature Forever

Need to ensure my signature Happy Cat drawing remains mine!

When I was a little girl I’d sign my name with a cat face.  I figured it was something no else could draw so I used it as my signature.  As I got older this was frowned upon and I was looked at as childish (hey, I was a kid) and immature.

Zillions of years later it’s still my signature of choice.  With the opening of the Happy Cat eShop in the next few months I’m thinking I better officially copyright my ‘signature’ before it’s stolen.  I’m using it a lot with various designers and arts people these days, and something is telling me to protect it.

I’m now protecting it as mine by copywriting it in this post publication.

If someone else tries to claim it, a good test is to have them quickly draw it 8 or 18 times.  If all the drawings look almost the same, it’s me trying to claim it – hahaha!

I’m not worried!

It’s all good!


Copyright © 2016, All rights reserved.

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