The Happy Cat eShop Coming Soon!

This Summer Happy Cat is busy building her Happy Cat eShop

Making Happy Cat Fun Earrings
Making Happy Cat Fun Earrings

The Happy Cat eShop will be launched early Fall 2016 and carry cat-themed items made in Thailand, with many items made by hand by Happy Cat herself, and others made by local Thai craftspeople.  There will also be cat -themed items from other Asian countries that Happy Cat fell in love with, and wants to share with you.

Happy Cat Paw Sterling Silver Earrings
Happy Cat Paw Sterling Silver Earrings

The Happy Cat eShop is a wonderful way to celebrate life and consciously work at being happy.  All the Happy Cat items are sure to please any cat or animal lover.  Each is functional, being either wearable or usable, to inspire you to be happy and live your life the best you can each and every day.

Happy Cat has selected the finest quality materials and craftspeople who excel at their craft to ensure quality in each and very item sold in the Happy Cat eShop.  Happy Cat is very proud of each item and makes sure they function as required, serving their intended use 100%.   She is the best quality control there is as she uses each and every item.

Happy Cat eShop will be an Excellent place to find gifts

All Happy Cat eShop items make excellent gifts, ‘to self’, for a special person in your life, or for any occasion whether it be to say thank you, for a birthday, an anniversary, for Christmas or for no occasion at all.

Stay tuned for the launch!

Happy Cat Coaster

It’s all good!


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