I got a Mountain Bike and I’m having a Blast!

Why did I wait so long to get a mountain bike?  I was just plain dumb!

I love to bike.  Been biking since I was a kid.  To school and then to work throughout my career when showers were available.  Even now, during the summer months when I’m in Ottawa (Canada) I’m still doing distance biking.  A few times a week I head out  exploring the trails that are famous around Canada’s capital city.  They are extremely well maintained to the chagrin of the Canadian taxpayers, who aren’t living in Ottawa and can’t appreciate how their tax dollars are spent.  No worries, I’m enjoying it for them!

I’m now semi-retired, and living in southern Thailand for the winter months.  Exercise is a big part of my day with cardio and yoga as my staples.  I miss biking when I’m there, but with all the motorbikes and crazy drivers on my small island, I hadn’t considered it as an option.  What a dummy I’ve been!

TheTest Drive!

img_3862A friend of mine was selling a mountain bike and I went for a test drive.  The test drive, lead to more test drives, and before I knew it, the test ride had turned into my morning ride.  Of course I bought the bike!  It wasn’t cheap. But it was worth it as it’s a high end German-make and it rides like a charm.   I couldn’t resist the quality and excellent condition of bike, and I couldn’t wait to begin exploring the interior of Koh Lanta.  I wanted to get off the road and see where those trails I see heading into the jungle would lead me.

We have Bonded – We are One!

img_4270It only took a week for the bike and I to bond.  It’s so totally comfortable to ride, whether I’m on a level road, a dirt road, on gravel going up a mountain, or on mud ruts deep in the jungle.  Oh ya, the jungle.  I live on Koh Lanta, a small remote island in southern Thailand.  There is a whole lotta jungle to explore.  And beaches, mountains, waterfalls, other islands, national parks, my list is endless!

Why did I wait so long to get a bike?

What are you waiting for?  Whatever you’ve been putting off,  just go do it.  You may even have a blast!

It’s all good!

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