Do you know a charity that would welcome donations?

Now that my upcoming book has a finalized cover, it’s time to start looking for non-profit charities to help.

Finalized Cover

Volunteer Fundraising SimplifiedVolunteer Fundraising Simplified has an approved cover.  It only took 1 round of revisions, but I think we nailed it.  First I emailed all my supporters asking them for suggestions for the cover image.  I got lots of great ideas, and picked the coin heart suggestion.  I felt that it best depicted the essence, and sub-title, raising money for a cause you love. You can sign up to get my newsletter by providing your email in the ‘pop up’ that appears on your screen, or by commenting below that you want to join this mailing list.

I then had discussions with the great people from the Art Department at my Publishers.  For sure I told them that teal was my favorite colour.  They then provided 3 suggestions, that were all good, but nothing great.  However, I did like bits of one, something from another, and a section from another.  To help me make up my mind, and to find out what my target audience would like,  I circulated the 3 proofs amongst my ‘test group’ for their comments.  I put together this test group the past year as I was writing the contents.  It’s made up of a wide assortment of people both in and on the fringes of my target audience.  I can them better judge the comments to understand which ones are more relevant for each of my asks.

The feedback from test group was terrific.  Loving attention to detail, I put it all into a chart so I could see it all laid out.  Patterns emerged that helped me come up with the final design.

I’m now waiting for the full manuscript layout proof.  Once I review and approve it, I’ll have a confirmed launch date.  The current tentative date is end of October/early November.  Perfect for Christmas gift giving.

Supporting charities with a percentage from the book sales

This does sound crazy, but I’m actually volunteer fundraising with my book on volunteer fundraising.  You see, I want to use the sales of my book to help charities financially.  Do you have a favorite charity?  Do you know any charities that need support?  Please let me know and I’ll contact them.

I want to offer affiliate sales to charities, and organizations that support charities, with the sales of my book.  It’s super easy as i most instances the charity would provide their supporters with a ‘code’ to be used when the book is purchased.  This will identify the charity as the source of the sale for the royalties.  Comment below with the charity name, and any contact info you have.  I’ll then contact all the suggested charities and propose affiliate sales.

You can also let me know any groups, clubs or organizations that may be interested in the book for their members, as I will be providing bulk sales incentives.  Along with this, I can help any organization manage fundraising seminars, presentations and co-ordinate any group fundraising initiatives.  Again, comment below, and I’ll be in touch, or contact the organization you suggest.

Cool idea right?  I thought so too.

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It’s all good!



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