Volunteer Fundraising Simplified got the green light for a Late-Fall Launch

My hard work has paid off

I’m thrilled to tell you all that my book, Volunteer Fundraising Simplified, is now targeting a late-Fall release. My publisher gave it the green light last week so I’m busy doing the final edits, and figuring out the cover.

Over a year in the making

It wonderful to see it all starting to come together, after my hard work on it this past year.  I starting planning this book last February and spent the past 6 months in a deep writing mode here on Koh Lanta.  I sent it off to the publisher and then my editor.  Oh ya, even though I’m a PhD with lots of publications out there, I know I can’t proof my own work.  I’m now working with my Editor’s review and hope to finalize the manuscript by the end of June.
For the next month, in addition to putting the finishing touches on my book, I’m designing the cover and starting to put together my marketing plan.  I’m arranging interviews, preparing excerpts of book for distribution to build interest and considering doing an audiobook.  All fun stuff for me and since I can do this all from home, the lockdowns and restrictions aren’t in the way.

What’s your book about you ask?

 In a nutshell, Volunteer Fundraising Simplified breaks fundraising down into simple basic steps, so that anyone can be a volunteer fundraiser, and make a tremendous difference to a charity, with the added bonus of feeling great about doing it. The book covers topics like what volunteer fundraising is all about, how to engage people to donate both verbally and in posts online, how to thank donors, and a wealth of ways for you to easily raise money with tiny to massive fundraising events. The book is for everyone, whether you are retired, between jobs, stuck at home, or simply want to do something meaningful with your spare time.

I’m always open to ideas

Since this is my first time going through the book production process and the whole marking thing, I’ll be totally open to any ideas and suggestions you may have.  So, if you have any ideas for any of this, I’d love to hear them.  Maybe you can recommend a group, a club or a charity that would be interested.  Please let me know and I’ll reach out to them.  Or maybe you know an online podcast where I could do a presentation.  Please let me know.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me

You can comment below, go to my Facebook page to comment, or send an email to happy@thehappycat.ca

It’s all good!

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