Fundraising for Supporters now available on Amazon

I’m totally thrilled that my new book, Fundraising for Supporters, is now available on Amazon. May 1, 2024 was the official launch date, for the kindle, paperback and hardcover formats.

This book will help you unlock the secrets of how to raise money for your favourite cause with a wide range of things you can easily do. You can make a tremendous difference, both for the charity and for yourself, as you’ll be feeling great about what you have done.
Fundraising is evolving

My first book, Volunteer Fundraising Simplified, was written and published pre-Covid. During the years of shutdowns and restrictions, fundraising was turned on its head. So much changed.

People are now fundraising more than ever. Maybe the years of restrictions brought to light the needs of communities, and the importance of charities to help address these needs.

Fundraising for Supporters is a rewrite of my first book, Volunteer Fundraising Simplified to incorporate and account for the changes.

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