My Ginger Collection

Is it because I’m a ginger, a natural-born redhead, that I love ginger cats so much. It is possible, or maybe it’s because I love the photo of the ginger cat on the discarded cat food bags this winter at Lanta Animal Welfare.

Regardless of why I love gingers, my newest Happy Cat Recycled Bag collection, the Ginger Collection, is my 2024 pride and joy.

Today I’m start a new batch of Happy Cat Recycled Bags. My first task is to cut out the shapes. I’ve cleared my deck and away I go with my trusty sharp scissors.

I’ll focus on my Ginger Collection and then cut out a few dog food bags so show I’m not bias.

Even though I’m a cat lover through and through, dogs are okay. After all, they are man’s best friend.

Then I’ll cut out the bubble wrap shapes, which is 3 times the cutting, as I use 3 layers of it. Then the inside lining and then the inner lining, that goes between the bubblewrap and the animal food bag. Each bags has 6 layers in total.

Check out my Happy Cat Shop for the Happy Cat Recycled Bags.

My goodness, my Happy Cat Recycled Bags definitely reduce a lot of garbage from going into the landfill dumps and the sea.

It’s all good!

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