Kunda Anti-Pop Cafe Restaurant on Koh Lanta is a ‘Must Visit’

Kunda Antipop Review

Even if you aren’t a vegan or vegetarian, you have to try this restaurant on Koh Lanta, the food is totally delicious!

Kunda Anti-Pop Cafe is a must visit for anyone ready to discover a fresh, exiting and beyond interesting restaurant.  And the owner, Lena, is as interesting as her restaurant.  She is always doing whatever she can to make you feel welcome, important and cared for.  She is forever smiling and extremely happy, and this radiates to her customers.  Today she brought us a special ginger juice with our meal, and then vegan brownies as a treat for dessert.  They were delightful, as she is.

My goodness we both ate well.

The menu includes items for breakfast with eggs, and for lunch/dinner with salads, all kinds of crepes with toppings of your choice, and dessert items, as well as a large selection of juices, coffees and other drinks.  It may be a vegan/vegetarian restaurant but there is something for everyone, for every meal.

Today it was a hard choice as usual.  I got a cafe latte to help me make up my mind.  It was between one of the salads and something I haven’t yet had.  Being a Monday and wanting a good start to my week, I decided to be adventurous and went for the new.   I ordered the Pomykundalunchlish something-or-other.  I couldn’t pronounce it and for sure I can’t spell it.  It’s the only Polish thing on the menu so it’s easy to find.  The dish was melted cheese on the special Kunda home-made bread.  The bread is definitely unique and a must try.  It’s vegan so no flour, no milk and no eggs.  It’s full of delicious and wonderful!  That’s the extent of my ingredient knowledge, so you must try it yourself.

My lunch had a small salad made of so many ingredients that I can’t remember them all, but I’ll try.  There was: apple, pineapple, beans, red pepper, tomatoes, broccoli and other stuff that was so good.  I’m so glad I tried something new, and do wonder why I always like to stick to the same thing when I order.  It isn’t like I’m going to be penalized if I don’t like it, or fined if I change from the ‘usual’.



My friend however went for the ‘usual.  He had something simple the scrambled eggs, bread and salad.  But it wasn’t really simple.  First of all it included the amazing Kunda bread, and two pieces at that.  The eggs were deliciously scrambled with herbs and the salad included all the stuff that was in my salad along with barley and maybe tapioca or some bean or sprout.

The complimentary ginger juice went perfectly with both our meals.  And when the brownies arrived, well, what can I say!  Again it is hard to believe that they weremade without flour, eggs or milk.  They were fudge-like and oh so good.  Thanks Lena, we really appreciated your generosity.

I Love the Eclectic and Somewhat Eccentric Garden

The restaurant is small with 2 eating areas.  There are tables out front as well as a garden seating area.  Saying the garden area is creative is an understatement, it’s totally eclectic, and you could even say it’s a bit eccentric, providing so much to explore and think about.  There are wall murals, hanging plants, floor paintings, wind chimes, raised painted platforms, and hammocks.  In the garden the seating is on pillows on the floor so we opted to eat out front so we could sit at a table.  At our age sitting on the floor can take it’s toll, but then Kunda has something for everyone.  There are even bookshelves with interesting books and magazines to browse through.  This is perfect for those eating solo who didn’t bring their pc/tablets with them.

kundashopThere is a small shop at the entrance that you walk through to the garden.  The shop sells many unique items including jewelry, clothing, nicknacks and artwork.  Give yourself a few minutes to check out the items as many are one-of-a-kind that make perfect gifts for that special person back home.  Or even for yourself!

At the back of the shop that is a small tattoo studio.  Lunch and a tat anyone?  Lena’s body is full of beautiful and meaningful artwork.  One day I will ask her about them.

This is definitely the most interesting restaurant on Koh Lanta.   Not only is the food good; the owner is so refreshing.  Her positive attitude and love of life is infectious.  I highly recommend Kunda Ani-Pop Cafe as a ‘must go-to’ restaurant on Koh Lanta.  Even if you just drop in a look around the shop, remember to check out the garden in the back as well.

Everything about this restaurant it is interesting:  from the venue, to the food, to the items in the shop, and of course to Lena herself, such an amazing woman, bursting with energy and creativity.

It’s all good!

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