Best Cat/Dog Toys EVER!

Your kids will love these Happy Cat Pet Enrichment Toys and so will You!


The Happy Cat Pet Enrichment Toys are made from discarded linen and clothing.  They are washable, bleachable and totally beyond in durability.

Cats and dogs both love these toys.  Customers tell me that the toys seem to disappear – and are finally found in the special hiding places our kids have for their favourite findings.  Along with your keys that you thought you’d lost, and your missing socks.

These amazing toys are guaranteed to provide you and you kid with hours and hours of fun.  What a great way to bond and have Baby and Me time.

The toys are all lightweight, easy to carry, and even easier to play with!

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You have 3 Styles/Sizes to Pick From

The Happy Cat Shop has 3 style/sizes to chose from to suit any size/age.


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Customizing and Special Requirements

For sure you can message me with any requests re colour and size.  I’d love to do a special order for you.  Send me a message or comment below with your contact, letting me know what you’d like, and I’ll get back to you within a few hours.

Top Rankings

The Happy Cat Pet Enrichment Toys are ranked at the top of the Best Pet Toys by so many of our kids.

Photo reviews from super happy customers:


It’s all good!

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