Introducing the Happy Cat Upcycled-Recycled Walking Bag

What to carry when going for a walk, is always a challenge.  Do I stuff my keys, money, and cell phone in a pocket, or into a waist or cross shoulder bag?  It’s all too much for a pocket and the straps and fasteners on the bags are bothersome when walking.

Some tell me to leave my stuff at home, but that’s not reasonable. Even though I’m walking, I want my cell phone with me so I can listen to music or podcasts, as I’m out there for up to 3 hours with my long Sunday walk. And I need my keys, and a bit of money, and maybe my glasses, if I’m going to stop at a shop. And some lip gloss and a few tissues. A pack of gun too.

My Happy Cat Upcycled-Recycled Walking Bags were inspired by berry candy packaging I found here on Koh Lanta at 7-11. The crazy shape makes them fun and flexible.  It is easily held by the wrist or the fingers and tells the world that I am trying to do something about our garbage footprint.

The bags are made from a used cat or dog food bag, 3 layers of discarded bubble wrap to protect the contents, and discarded fabric for 2 layers of lining. The zipper and the rings holding the handle are new to made sure they all work. There is even a clip so you can attach the Walking Bag to a belt loop, a button hole, another bag, or even to your bike cables. The Walking Bag has so many uses.

I use my Happy Cat Upcycled Walking Bag when I walk for exercise, and when I go to the corner shop, to the mall, to restaurants, and out to a club.  I use it walking the beach, to a friends, or whenever I’m out and about. It’s super to have it hooked on my big purse so I can easy find my cellphone and glasses, and my dam keys that are always hidden at the bottom. Don’t you just hate rummaging around for your keys!

The Happy Cat Walking Bag is made from used animal food bags, and lined with 3 layers of discarded bubble wrap, and 2 layers of unwanted fabric.  Only the zipper and fasteners are new, to make sure they are in good working order.

I have lots for you to pick from. Simply email, message or click here to contact me and I’ll send you a selection to pick from. I will also let you know how much the shipping will cost. You can even go to the Happy Cat Shop and check out all the recycled items available.

I even have some made from dog food bags, but don’t tell my cats.

So many fun cat and dog food covers to pick from for only 500 THB/$16 US/$20 CDN, plus shipping, for outside of Thailand. If you are in Thailand, shipping is on me.

It’s all good!

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